Farní sbor ČCE v Praze 8 - Kobylisích
Kostel U Jákobova žebříku
U Školské zahrady 1, 182 00 Praha 8 - Kobylisy
telefon: 737 272 252
e-mail: kosteljakob@volny.cz
Aktuálně od Jákobova žebříku
Informace o aktuálním sborovém životě.
18. srpna (středa)
15:30 bohoslužba v kostele svatého Václava v areálu Psychiatrické nemocnice Bohnice
22. srpna (neděle)
9:30 bohoslužba v češtině v kostele U Jákobova žebříku a na internetu (káže sestra farářka Anna Pokorná)

11:30 bohoslužba v korejštině v kostele U Jákobova žebříku

14:00 bohoslužba v japonštině v kostele U Jákobova žebříku
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realised in 1971, was donated by the Swiss architect E. Giesel, the revamping was designed and carried out by the Schaufler-Roskovec since 1996. The church building and operation of the church has been financially supported by: HEKS (Hilfswerk der Evangelischen Kirchen der Schweiz), GAW (Gustav Adolfs Werk from Germany), The Prague Council, The Czech Brethren Evangelical Church, The Hieronymus Union of the Czech Brethren Evangelical Church, Diakoniale Raad der Nederlandse Hervormde Kerk, AtelierSchaufler- Roskovec and countless individuals from home as well from abroad.
The church compounds comprise five parts: the church proper as a public meeting place, a convent as a place of spiritual assistance and concentration on the Holy Writ and prayer, a deaconry for conferences and seminars or for a short time assistance to the members of the congregation and the Church, a garden, as a purposeful background of all our activities, and flats for our collaborators.
The Church Jacob's Ladder is exceptional also by its extraordinary quiet location in the midst of the city greenery with splendid views to the capital and a good transport facilities to the centre and by its daring services. The barrier-free operation, high quality as well as simplicity of the house furnishings with regard to a responsible style of life, are features both characteristic as well
as difficult to overlook. A very communicative meeting premises including the church proper and two dining rooms make these facilities especially suitable for large international conferences (up to 120 persons) as well as for minor ventures.
At present there are 22–26 beds available and a possibility to further accommodate not especially demanding groups.
Following the reconstruction of the garden the accommodation capacity will increase and variability and a complex character of the whole place will be completed.
Committed groups or special social project groups may get reasonable price reductions.
In the house we observe the rules of the church (respect
for special needs of all people using the house: e.g. all day long we observe peace and quiet and non-smoking).

Technically facilities at your disposal:
Two halls for groups and religious services; the size of meeting places can be modified on all floors at your discretion. All entrances are accessible to the handicapped. Accommodations including bathrooms and showers. Parking available for automobiles.
Diakonie - 1st floor: 4 rooms, includes bathrooms/shower, mensa
Monastery - basement: 4 rooms, includes bathroom/shower, mensa.

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