Farní sbor ČCE v Praze 8 - Kobylisích
Kostel U Jákobova žebříku
U Školské zahrady 1, 182 00 Praha 8 - Kobylisy
telefon: 737 272 252
e-mail: kosteljakob@volny.cz
Aktuálně od Jákobova žebříku
Informace o aktuálním sborovém životě.
18. srpna (středa)
15:30 bohoslužba v kostele svatého Václava v areálu Psychiatrické nemocnice Bohnice
22. srpna (neděle)
9:30 bohoslužba v češtině v kostele U Jákobova žebříku a na internetu (káže sestra farářka Anna Pokorná)

11:30 bohoslužba v korejštině v kostele U Jákobova žebříku

14:00 bohoslužba v japonštině v kostele U Jákobova žebříku
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We are one of the Church's congregations that acknowledges the legacy of the Bohemian Bretheren and the European reformation of the sixteenth century. This church denomination has 261 congregations in the Czech Republic and 20 in the capital city of Prague. The internal life of this congregation and its comportment with the outside world are confirmed by preaching the Word of God and celebrating the Lord's Supper.

The congregation has been a supportive centre of social activities for both its members and other organizations since the 1990s. The activities of its priests and congregation members at the Psychiatric Hospital in Bohnice demonstrate the possibilities for churches in a free society. The presence of priests amongst teams of doctors and attendants through their work in “pastoral therapy” proved to be a welcome benefit for all.
In addition, we also carry out pastoral work at a hospice and retirement home in Prague 8. Logos Praha – an ecumenical Christian homosexual community – has also conducted its regular meetings in the congregation building since 1990. We also cooperate with Diakonie ČCE, in particular, its workplace in Ďáblice that provides daycare services. Our collaboration with other non-government, non-profit organizations (The Committee of Good Will – The Olga Havlová Foundation, Sedm paprsků, Servitus, Fokus, the Czech Social Services Association, among others) is also very important. The work of our congregation is closely tied to the work of the At Jacob's Ladder Community Center, an organization that builds on the spiritual, social, and educational activities of the church.

Our congregation also has the privilege of coexisting with a group of Korean Christians who live and work in Prague. Not only have they found space for their Sunday services in the Kobylisy facilities, but they have also become a part of one
of the congregations. A Korean priest administeres biblical scripture lessons and maintains prayer hours for both children and adults. In addition, the emerging Central European Centre for Mission Studies, in which the Korean Christians play an important role, has found its home in the congregation building. On the first Sunday of every month, there are joint Czech-Korean religious services interpreted for all those present.

The community of the parish congregation pursues and develops friendly relations with the local Catholic parish, with the religious community of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church, and with many other congregations worldwide.

The parish congregation also provides space and accomodation for education in the social sector, as well as housing for travelling groups and individual visitors. There are thirteen beds in four rooms with separate bathrooms, plus six beds in two additional rooms with adjoining bathrooms. There is also a kitchen and a dining room available for guests. We also offer variable space for seminars and conferences – there is a small hall and a large hall that can be interconnected to accomadate an overall capacity of 120 persons, plus devices designed for simultaneous interpretation of our different services.

The congregation house for the church named “At Jacob’s Ladder” is located in a quiet neighbourhood of family houses, close to a small forest park, approximately an eight minute walk from the Kobylisy metro C line station. It was designed by the Swiss architect Erst Gisel in 1971. This building, very modern during its time, is related to the political and social loosening brought about by the “Prague spring” and is the only church building of the ECCB that was built during the communist epoch following 1968. Its reconstruction, designed by Atelier Schaufler-Roskovec, began in November 1995 and has proceeded in individual stages with regard to financial means, with outside donations representing the main source of funding.

The project aims to enlarge the space of the congregation building and to alter the originally enclosed image of the building. At present, a penthouse with wood lining has been completely reconstructed. In addition, all four floors are now connected by means of a lift. The new construction concept also provides for wheelchair access to all four floors. There are also apartments for ministers and those working for the congregation.
Six parking places are also located in front of the building. A simple steel bell tower has also been built as a significant element of the church in order to make this Christian center visible and audible to those in its vicinity. The accomodation section of the building will be extended during the last phase of the reconstruction. There will also be a new multi-purpose hall, plus a garden accessible by wheelchair. 

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